Megan Powell

Extraction Oil and Gas

Section Chairperson

Julianna Sipeki

MHA Petroleum Consultants Inc

Section Director One-Year / Student Liaison

Wendell Salas


Section Program Chairperson

Kelly Wingard


Section Treasurer Elect

Deborah Ryan

MHA Petroleum Consultants Inc

Section Treasurer / Vice Chair

Clint Frost

Premiere Inc.

Director 2

Midowa Gbededo

Schlumberger Data & Consulting Services

Section Membership Chairperson

Erin McEvers

Clearbrook Consulting

Regional Director

Ellen Scott

Sigma Cubed

Section Community Outreach

Don Smith

Don Smith P.E.

Director 1 / Scholarship Chairperson

Angela Dang


Section Secretary / Publicity Coordinator

Jessica Iriarte

Well Data Labs

YP Chairperson

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