DSIAC Roundtable - Wednesday, 9:00AM January 26, 2022

Meeting Agenda

Welcome –

Last year’s fall meeting was lightly attended so we are going with a slightly different agenda format. 

  • Status Updates for our Liaison’s going in the Winter/Spring half of the 21/22 Year
    • Budget – on forecast with exception of General Meetings
    • Programing – light attendance all around, monitoring with GM and not adding study group events
    • Outreach – actively looking for volunteers and avidly engaged with the community consistently
      • Red Cross, Denver Rescue Mission and
    • Social Events – Ski Fast Bash, Experiment with Technical Socials in March April and May
    • CSM Chapter Update –
  • Feedback from the Attendees:
    • Ideas for engagement of members for meetings, social events and outreach volunteering? 
    • Company sponsorship participation?
    • Other suggestions? 


Yulee Cordts of Oxy
Josh  Hegg of Chevron
Davis Scott of Schlumberger
Jon Doucette of Halliburton
Evan Rodgers of PDC
Jeff Rosenberg of Baker Hughes
Joel Dill of Civitas Resources
Gordon  Pospisil of Liberty Resources
Marsha Vigil of Quorum Software
Leen  Weijers of Liberty Oilfield Services
Tuba  Firincioglu of Nitec LLC
Jon McEvers of Antero Resources
Matt Enger of Northwoods Energy
Levi Briese of SM
Kim  Sands of Great Western
Zack Warren of Velo Insight
Heidi Reger of Discovery Natural Resources
Philip Ouellette of Crowheart Energy
Habib Guerrero of Inflection Energy
Deb  Ryan of IHS-Markit/Platt’s
Andrea Ayala of Centennial
Sandeep Wagle of EOG Resources
Scott McNear of Rare Petro
Kyle  Barnoff of Trigger Energy
Nik Kadirisani of CSM Chapter
Tim Baer of Caerus
Cody Robinson of Whiting
Michael Krayneck of Civitas Resources
Elizabeth Wilson of Bison
James Evans of Lobo Oilfield Services
Ellen Williams of Exum – Durango
Danielle Allison of Fluid Energy Group
Nico Cosca of Helmrich and Payne
  We need: Coterra, Ovintiv, BP, OXY

Distilled notes from the meeting.

Levi – Things have changed, we as an association need to look to accommodate this new way of operating for the benefit of the members.  Be that virtual and less Downtown as it does not appear to be ever going back to the way it was. 

Tuba – not just a SPE prob but also all the non-profits.  Some notion of Zoom fatigue seems prevalent, where people want to gather, but maybe not downtown.  Kudos on the Outreach efforts filling the void.  She thinks SPEI really lack the bigger picture effort on the outreach front; Kudos Denver Section.  Could do a multi location synchronized event at multiple breweries around time at the same time. 

Nik – if you want students to engage with the Chapter stick to Fridays and Saturdays. 

Jon Doucette – no more zoom please… survey monkey to identify a where to test some events outside of downtown, which neighborhoods.  Friday afternoons seem like the right time for those at home or working out of downtown. 

Suggestion to do a Survey Monkey to include a list of 10 neighborhoods, pick 5 in order of preferred location for a social event, request a zipcode for mapping member concentration around town.  Try and get some data? 

SPE- AAPG Merger – combo of the biggest orgs representing the oil and gas sector.  New Mission of the combined org does not have mention of petroleum or oil and gas.  Very little data being shared about the specifics of the merger.  Cost, benefit, terms for data, publications, membership levels, accreditation (CPG)…. Denver Section might have a critical mass to be able to solicit more info on the details.  Details on what it takes to do the merger, details on what it takes to change the bylaws of the new org…  is there an incentive to the leadership to get this across the finish line?  It certainly seems that the steering committee in charge is trying to limit the access to the skeptics request for details and the instead trying to spin in favor of.  Everyone’s trust meter is zero’ed out. 

Tuba expressing a skepticism and unease about the mashup of 2 of the largest orgs in oil and gas.  Seems dilutive and belittling almost.   

Scott McNear – requests a summary of what a merger means at the local level.

Philip – what happens at the local level.  Financially… no outcome results in the elimination of the regional or global conferences, hardly a change. 

Joe – What is in the By Laws about the Denver Section’s Endowment.  Current assumption is that the SPE Foundation would take ownership of that.  IDK?