Denver SPE is committed to providing the best possible Technical Program for Oil and Gas professionals . Our Technical programing includes our General Meetings held the 3rd Wednesday of every month September through May at the Denver Athletic Club located at 1325 Glenarm Place, Denver CO 80204. Along with our General Meetings we host a number of virtual study group sessions to offer specialized technical programs. Read below for some of our favorites from the 2021-2022 seasons.

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GAIA Round Table – December 2021

The most important SPE Denver Technical Programming event of the year was also the most challenging for which to coordinate & draw attendees. On December 15, 2021 (during the holiday season), SPE Denver hosted a hybrid panel session at our monthly general meeting. Johana Dunlop and Josh Etkind presented the SPE GAIA initiative to SPE Denver membership during this hybrid meeting. Johana and Josh attended virtually (from Paris and New Orleans, respectively). Former Distinguished Lecturer and GAIA Committee member James Crompton and current Project Canary Vice President and Denver native David Stewart, whom both attended in person, joined Johana and Josh on stage.

SPE Rocky Mountains Region representative Deb Ryan introduced the event and speaker panel; SPE Denver member, SPE GAIA volunteer, & SPE Denver GAIA Study Group Champion Chris Fredd facilitated the event. The event drew more than 40 live in-person attendees during a historically challenging time slot (the holiday period between Thanksgiving and Christmas). Further, this event occurred during a local COVID-19 resurgence. The attendance demonstrated the local interest in SPE sustainability and ESG positions. Additionally, this event provided SPE to present the GAIA initiative directly to the local membership.

Many attendees remained in the audience long after the scheduled conclusion to question James and David directly, long after Johana and Josh disconnected from the video connection.

Gaia Round Table Discussion

SPE Denver Section and Colorado School of Mines – Joint Session

After five long years the SPE Denver Section and the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) had their joint session. This
session had been moved off campus for a few years and then canceled twice due to Covid 19. The Joint Session is a great way for the future leaders (now students) of our industry to take a leadership role in planning a complex technical session.
The Joint Session was held on the CSM campus on April 20th. The students were required to plan dinner, drinks and a poster session for a number of PhD students. It was very impressive. Furthermore, the students managed to book the SPEi President, Kamel Ben Naceur, to speak in person. Everything was all lined up and ready to go for this in-person event, when Kumel was unable to attend in person. The change in plans showed the students skill and ability to be flexible. The students didn’t skip a beat. Being flexible is a skill the students have learned very well and it showed. They changed to hybrid meeting with the audience still live and able to talk and mingle with each other, but the talk with Kumar was virtual. Everyone enjoyed Kumel’s walk through history and they were able to ask him question as if he were right in the room.
It was awesome to see how poised and collected this group of “soon to be” petroleum engineers were. It was truly a
delight and everyone raved about how nice the event was.

Joint Session Student Committee