Industry Advisory Council

In 2018 the Denver Section created an Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) made up of designated liaisons from members employers. SPE has long been the go to resource for collection, dissemination and exchange of technical knowledge concerning O&G assets and related technologies for its members, but we felt a more direct line of communication to the companies that are intrinsically part of the Section would better serve the members and Section’s Board of Directors.   With this aim, we strive to have a Company Liaison from each of companies represented by members.  This is a non-exclusive voluntary group of Section Members.  The IAC aims to meet two or three times a year, January, late spring and October. 

A Company Liaison (CL) from the company aids in:

  1. Disseminating Denver Section communications amongst the employees.
  2. Providing feedback to the Denver Section on needs for the engineering population at the company
  3. Facilitating Denver Section navigation of the company hierarchy to best seek awareness and participation in events, training and sponsorship. 

The Company Liaison’s have been the primary point of contact at a company for Section Committee Members and a known entity for retrieving and spreading the pulse to and from the streets, so to speak.   We also see this as a good entry point for a member interested in serving on a Section Committee or Board. 

As a Section Board, we aim to better understand the needs and wants of the member population such that we can better serve as a value adding organization. Should you be interested in joining our next IAC meeting or have any questions at all, please reach out to the chair of the council or any Section Board Member. 

John Benton

Chair of the Denver Section Industry Advisor Council

Latest Meeting Notes